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Hand Made Wooden Plaques

Your plaque will be made from Beech. 


Beechwood is medium to heavyweight. It is very hard and tough. It has good strength properties and high abrasion resistance.

It will be made at the requested dimensions and will have space to fit items including Coins, Patches and Rank, etc. 

When you order you will be able to select the following to make your individual Plaque:

Plaque Size

Plaque Color

Edge Profile

How is it made?

Your Plaque will be made with the requested Wood Stain Color.
Natural Stain.jpg
Wood Stain
Teak Stain.jpg
Wood Stain
Mahogany Stain.jpg
Wood Stain
Walnut Stain.jpg
Wood Stain
Mat Black Stain.jpg
Mat Black
Wood Stain
Your Plaque will be made with the requested Edge Profile.
Edge #1
Edge 1.jpg
Edge #3
Edge 3.jpg

Click the link on the right to place your order.

Edge #2
Edge 2.jpg
Edge #4
Edge 4.jpg
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